5 Tips To Rock Your Workplace After Maternity Leave

I wouldn’t say this applies to all mummies. But I can say most mummies dread the feeling of heading back to work after their maternity leave. Simply because we are just not ready to face the world yet for several reasons.

We get stressed up with the thought of going back to work still looking 4 months pregnant, not knowing how baby will cope without us, and how we can score at the workplace just like the days before motherhood descended upon us.

These are the tips to help you eventually score wins at your workplace. Start rocking these habits even 2 months before you are scheduled back for work.

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1. Eat Sensibly.

You might have gotten tired of people telling you that you have to nourish your body from the inside out. But I’m going to emphasise the same. Nothing can help you become more energetic, stronger, brighter and radiate with a glow, better than just eating nourishing good food with the nutrients your body craves for!

Learn to eat for your body, not for your moods!

2. Invest One Hour on yourself daily.

For your sanity and well-being, you owe yourself this hour. A time out from a needy baby, a messy house and the constant environment will give you some time to recharge and come back fresher.

Get out of the house, commit to an exercise program, meditate, or simply head out for daily walks to help keep your spirits high and body energised.

3. Engage Support early .

To succeed in going back to work, avoid experiencing separation anxiety when the time comes for you to leave your baby and head off to work. It is essential to start engaging help as early as you can afford to do so. It is only fair to your baby to introduce him/her to the caregiver earlier so that they have time to get comfortable with each other. As with all relationships, it takes time, effort and connection to build a good one.

Plan for time away from baby progressively so that both of you get used to the routine and are comfortable with the time spent apart by the time you start work.

4. Size Up your Wardrobe.

Mothers have all been there and fussed over their wardrobes the moment reality sets in and they need to head back to the workplace. The truth is, most of us still cannot fit into our old attires after maternity leave. Our bodies just need more time! To avoid getting all stressed up at the last moments, which adds to the blues, it will be prudent to plan your wardrobe in advance.

Go out and get yourself some new working outfits that will make you look good, feel good and walk into that office with immaculate confidence!

5. Check Up from the Neck Up.

The last important bit to take care of is to understand yourself and knowing clearly what’s going on in your mind. Are you mentally prepared to head back to full time work? If not, are there opportunities for flexible work arrangements at your current workplace? Are you physically ready to balance all aspects of motherhood and work? If not, who can you seek help or support from to get you up to task?

Be truthful to yourself and keep an open mind to all options that can help you cruise through work and motherhood to your best abilities. Recognise the little wins that you have created along the way and have faith in yourself!