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    2 months back, we brought together a group of mummies together, to share one message. That every ordinary mum can make health & active living possible. It doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home-mum, a full time working mum, a part time working mum, a mumprenuer or a work-from-home-mum … Everyone of us can make this lifestyle work, for ourselves, and for our love ones. Find your tribe this 2016! ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - Green Smoothie 101

    Green Smoothie 101

    Let’s get this straight first. This is a post about how to make green smoothies that will help you eliminate cravings, give you the necessary nourishments and energy to start the day when you have it for breakfast! I’m not going to start a discussion about juicing vs blending here. That will possibly come in another post. Green Smoothie 101
    (Easy Smoothies for easy mornings) In a nutshell, what goes into your blender:
    Tools needed:

    A powerful blender
    that is at least 900w strong A powerful machine is needed to crunch up nuts and seeds, as well as greens into a smooth consistency. A normal blender will not be able to do the job. Economical machines : ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - Postnatal Exercises for Simply Her magazine

    Postnatal Exercises for Simply Her magazine

    Last month I have been invited by Simply Her magazine to provide tips and advise for readers who are battling the postnatal bulge. You could get your hands on a copy from any news stand. There is an increase in postnatal care and exercise programs in the recent period, which is really good news. It shows women are starting to take control of their health and dictate how they want to care for their own bodies. It also shows an increase in the level of interest in caring for postpartum women in the health industry. No matter what kind of trainer/ philosophy the program subscribes to, if the program deals with women, they better know how to deal with postpartum women! Because any ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - Fit Mummy Joanne

    Fit Mummy Joanne

    Fit mummy Joanne Ang looks every bit as ravishing in real life as she does in photos. Mother to 3 year old Tara, the 38 year old fit mummy who has an avid interest in children’s development, self-development, social media and cookery, once hit rock bottom and struggled with depression. However, this courageous mum has picked herself up and soared to become the embodiment of fit and healthy mummy that many respect and look up to. 1. If you could think back a little, what was your biggest challenge as a new mum and how did you overcome it?
    Lack of sleep! Just have to get used to interrupted sleep at night, eating well, including regular intake of Chinese herbal soups and ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - Fit Mummy Wei'er

    Fit Mummy Wei'er

    30 year old Wei’er Higgs is not your typical stay-at-home mum. Founder of Gutsy ferments, a business specialising in fermented foods, the capable mumtrepreneur firmly believes in the importance of healthy eating, and resultingly dedicates much of her time experimenting with new ferments to create deliciously nourishing meals for her family. The stay-at-home mum also dabbles in an impressive variety of sports and exercises ranging from ashtanga yoga, aerial acrobatics to pole acrobatic . With three children and the fourth bundle of joy due in early 2016, one can only marvel at this super mum’s ability to strike a perfect balance between managing her passion, caring ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - What an Ideal Postnatal Care Program Looks Like

    What an Ideal Postnatal Care Program Looks Like

    In the past 2 weeks, I have been immersing myself in the world of anatomy, biomechanics, manual therapy and function of the women’s body in Vancouver. Instead of hanging out with fitness professionals, I have been hanging out with physical therapists and pilates instructors who work a lot with women. When a group of women come together, you can bet there will be endless discussions, exchanges and sharings of different observations of women’s health care across different countries. And it has further reinforced my belief that we need a more structured system to take care of mums here in Singapore (& everywhere else). A great illustration raised during one of our ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - Why Abs Are Completely Overrated?

    Why Abs Are Completely Overrated?

    For the longest time, the fitness and ‘health & slimming industry’ has brought on the loud visuals to entice consumers to their products / services . Think sexy, cute, half naked models (both males and females) with smouldering eyes and tight abs. Think the explosion of selfies showing off buns, guns and boobs. Well, I am sorry but that is not necessary a picture of health. It is possibly an illusion.
    1. Abs don’t do much work
    The society gives abs too much credit it really deserves. All the flaunting of 6-pack abs by bikini models, celebrities and fitness junkies condition us to think and believe that the 6-pack abs is what you need to be going ....

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