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  • Crown Bakery – Part II

    Most people would ask: ‘What’s the big deal about their bakes? It’s just bread!’ Well …. It’s not just bread.   How do conventional bakeries bake? It’s no hidden knowledge how easily bread can be made. Otherwise we won’t have so many bakeries popping up in the past few years. Most bakeries use dry yeast […]

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  • Crown Bakery – Part I

    In the last 2 years, we have seen many new bakeries and lifestyle cafes popping up on our little island, selling their fresh bakes and pastries! Eating bread has indeed become a lifestyle. Most of us have bread and toast for breakfast, tea and many times along with sandwiches that make up our meals. Although […]

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  • Have your Bread and Eat it!

    Bread is definitely one of the foods that is getting more at prominent in Singapore! Just take a look at the number of bakeries and cafes with endless choices of bakes and pastries. No doubt, the booming cafe and coffee culture also contributes to the sale of breads, bakes and pastries! Yet, just how does […]

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  • Green Smoothie 101

    Let’s get this straight first. This is a post about how to make green smoothies that will help you eliminate cravings, give you the necessary nourishments and energy to start the day when you have it for breakfast! I’m not going to start a discussion about juicing vs blending here. That will possibly come in another […]

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  • Carrots and Sticks For Dinner

    The Day My Son Ate Raw Carrots I have a pair of twins. Some of you know that already. Although they are similar, they are also different. Especially when it comes to food choices. Aasha loves her tomatoes, carrots, avocados and green smoothie. Kiran, on the other hand, does not take to such stuff. Not […]

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  • Eat To Burn Fats!

    How is this possible?! Do you feel that you need to eat less to lose weight and get rid of the stubborn fats on your body? If you do, it’s seriously time to rethink and change your mindset! Dieting and cutting down on food intake will not help you with fat loss! In fact, mindless […]

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  • Every Reason to Cook your Meals!

    Do you know that everyone of us is a chef? You are one as long as you have whipped up something in your kitchen before! Some of my friends, and possibly many others fear the notion of cooking because they don’t feel at ease in the kitchen, even if it is their own. It doesn’t […]

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  • Makan Gems – The Living Cafe

    For the longest time, I knew where Balanced Living was situated. Everytime I drive along Bukit Timah Road, I will go pass a shophouse building that has a huge company logo “Balanced Living”, which you can see from a distance. But I never knew they have a café in the building, what more a raw […]

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  • Makan Gems – Frunatic

    Just a few weeks back, I visited two places that serve living foods. My client and friend, Michelle Chia, recommended the first. She highlighted that her friend had opened a new raw foods café at Star Vista and I decided to go visit it after my first Zumba lesson at Rochester. Frunatic was not difficult […]

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