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    2 months back, we brought together a group of mummies together, to share one message. That every ordinary mum can make health & active living possible. It doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home-mum, a full time working mum, a part time working mum, a mumprenuer or a work-from-home-mum … Everyone of us can make […]

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  • Fit Mummy Joanne

    Fit mummy Joanne Ang looks every bit as ravishing in real life as she does in photos. Mother to 3 year old Tara, the 38 year old fit mummy who has an avid interest in children’s development, self-development, social media and cookery, once hit rock bottom and struggled with depression. However, this courageous mum has […]

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  • Fit Mummy Wei’er

    30 year old Wei’er Higgs is not your typical stay-at-home mum. Founder of Gutsy ferments, a business specialising in fermented foods, the capable mumtrepreneur firmly believes in the importance of healthy eating, and resultingly dedicates much of her time experimenting with new ferments to create deliciously nourishing meals for her family. The stay-at-home mum also […]

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  • Fit Mummy Pauliina

    Pauliina Salmenhaara is someone whom many women aspire to be like. Confident, capable and passionate about life, the 40 year old mother, raw food chef, educator and founder of R.A.W Inside Out exudes an air of confidence and poise, resulting in a strong and impressionable presence that one can only hope to achieve. However, the […]

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  • Fit Mummy Julie

    Fit Mummy Julie Anna has always been a fitness enthusiast, ensuring that she maintains a fit and healthy lifestyle. However, she lost her momentum during the early days of her marriage. Undeterred and determined to lose the pounds that she had piled on, Julie picked herself up and regained her fitness regime, positively influencing her […]

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  • Fit Mummy Ruth Song

    We are really proud to kickstart this fantastic goat year with a feature on Fit Mummy Ruth Song—mother of a 19 months old toddler! At just 32 years old, Ruth has already successfully battled cancer—a glaring hint of her tenacity. Ruth was initially plagued with an overwhelming sense of self-doubt upon transition into motherhood. However, […]

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