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  • Going Bananas with Tennis!

    Last year a guy from Banana Tennis reached out to me, asking if I am interested to learn tennis, in exchange for a review on the lessons. (Yes this is an honest review haha) Tennis?!!! The last time I played tennis was when I was still teaching. And boy was I bad in tennis! The […]

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  • Carrots and Sticks For Dinner

    The Day My Son Ate Raw Carrots I have a pair of twins. Some of you know that already. Although they are similar, they are also different. Especially when it comes to food choices. Aasha loves her tomatoes, carrots, avocados and green smoothie. Kiran, on the other hand, does not take to such stuff. Not […]

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  • Say Goodbye to Dry Skin!

    Does your kid have dry skin? Eczema? Or hot spots on the skin that irritates them? This is the one product you have to learn about and give it to them, which is absolutely natural, safe, free from chemicals and yet soothes the skin completely!

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  • Moving Toddlers

    Are you one of those parents who frequently find yourself making some of the following statements? “Stop jumping around! Can you sit quietly?!” “Don’t climb up the gate! It’s dangerous” “No you are not allowed to hop across that!” Please do your kids a favor,¬†stop yourself from stopping them moving!

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