Fit mummy Joanne Ang looks every bit as ravishing in real life as she does in photos.

Mother to 3 year old Tara, the 38 year old fit mummy who has an avid interest in children’s development, self-development, social media and cookery, once hit rock bottom and struggled with depression. However, this courageous mum has picked herself up and soared to become the embodiment of fit and healthy mummy that many respect and look up to.

1. If you could think back a little, what was your biggest challenge as a new mum and how did you overcome it? 
Lack of sleep! Just have to get used to interrupted sleep at night, eating well, including regular intake of Chinese herbal soups and tonics/enzymes/supplements, and exercising regularly to keep the energy level up

2. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires strict discipline and is not without its challenges. What inspires and motivates you to maintain this lifestyle?
The fact that I will be able to watch my child grow up when I’m healthy – that motivates me

3. Share with us some of your daily fitness routines.
Oops I don’t exercise daily… but I do walk quite a bit daily as I take the public transport. Weekly, I go to the gym, and also either jog or swim. I make sure I eat fruits and vegetables daily, and eat clean as much as possible.

4. Do you involve your kids in your fitness workouts?
Only during the weekends, when we go out as a family, sometimes we just run for no reason, even in shopping malls. Sometimes when I stretch or do yoga at home, my child imitates me. And when we go climbing at Bukit Timah hill (once a month), we bring our child along.

5. How do you instil in your child(ren) the concept of healthy living? 
By walking the talk, children just watch us and can learn from us.

6. What are some of your favourite healthy snacks?
Walnuts, raisins, cranberries, cereal bar, dark chocolate, yoghurt

7. Any tips for mothers (or generally anyone out there) who desire to keep fit but have no idea where to begin? 
Begin by going for strolls or jogs, or anything that gets you moving… and be conscious of what we eat. Choose to eat healthily.

8. What advice do you have for mothers who feel that they do not have time to exercise?
We only have one body, if we don’t take care of it, who will? When we truly place priority on our health and well-being, we will find the time to exercise.

9. Everyone has their moments of ups and downs. Tell us about the times when you felt you were in fantastic shape and the worst shape. What made the difference?
I think I am in a fantastic shape now (even though I think many people would disagree! haha), because I am happy and it’s all that matters. I was in my worst shape about 10 years ago, when I was suffering from Depression and left my teaching profession.

10. What are some valuable lessons you have learnt through your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle?
Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s the attitude that matters. Having a positive attitude makes all the difference. Don’t beat yourself up.

11. How do you unwind (in mummies’ term – spend your ‘me time’)?
Going to the gym, going for massages and facials, and watching a good movie.

12. Where is your favourite spot in Singapore to hang out with your kids?
Home? Just kidding! Bukit Batok Nature Park (because there are no monkeys compared to Bukit Timah haha).

13. Last but not least, where is your favourite destination to bring your kids for a getaway?
We’ve been to many places and there are pros and cons of each one… We’ll be going Club Med Bintan end of the year.  Maybe we’ll find out then if it’ll be my favourite destination.

If there’s one main takeaway from fit mummy Joanne, it’s to manage expectations and not be too hard on oneself. In her words, “Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s the attitude that matters”. If you know of may mummies like Joanne whom you feel captures the idea of a fit mummy, then do not hesitate to drop us an email at [email protected] or leave us a private message at We look forward to hearing from you!