30 year old Wei’er Higgs is not your typical stay-at-home mum.

Founder of Gutsy ferments, a business specialising in fermented foods, the capable mumtrepreneur firmly believes in the importance of healthy eating, and resultingly dedicates much of her time experimenting with new ferments to create deliciously nourishing meals for her family. The stay-at-home mum also dabbles in an impressive variety of sports and exercises ranging from ashtanga yoga, aerial acrobatics to pole acrobatic.

With three children and the fourth bundle of joy due in early 2016, one can only marvel at this super mum’s ability to strike a perfect balance between managing her passion, caring for her family and living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

So read on to obtain a deeper glimpse of Wei’er thoughts and beliefs regarding child rearing and her lifestyle choices!


1. If you could think back a little, what was your biggest challenge as a new mum and how did you overcome it?
One of my biggest challenges being a new mum was finding the motivation to make time for exercising. Having struggled with mastitis for several months set me back, both physically and mentally. I had barely enough energy to feed and care for my newborn and tend to my household.

It did not help that I was in a new country having to start over again in terms of assimilating into the culture and making new friends. I remembered feeling quite lonely during those late nights/early mornings feeds with no one to share a common understanding of what I was going through.

My husband was and still is my constant rock who is always there to listen, for me to lean on and a source of encouragement. Although he was never one for gymming (which he likened to being like a caged hamster), he was the one who encouraged me to join a gym so that I can every so often take a break away from the house and work towards a stronger body at the same time.

Over time, as I got stronger and fitter, my mind started to focus on the positives in life. In that way, it opened up many opportunities to pursue other interests.

2. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires strict discipline and is not without its challenges. What inspires and motivates you to maintain this lifestyle?
Being a stay at home mum requires one to have clarity of mind, ability to juggle multiple roles simultaneously, and to nurture and love. All these require energy—physically, emotionally and mentally. Having experienced the depression, lethargy, mood swings and weakness of an under nourished/unhealthy body echoes the huge responsibility of being a mum, and this in turn inspires and motivates me to focus on eating right, nourishing my body, moving dynamically and thinking positively.

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3.Share with us some of your daily fitness routines. 
My husband Josh and i enjoy working out together. Amongst our packed schedule, we have been doing a weekly crossfit session every Monday for the last 6 years—rain or shine. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my stay at home HIIT (High intensity intervals training) workouts with the kids. Thursday and Friday evenings are my yoga evenings.

4. Do you involve your kids in your fitness workouts?
Definitely. As much as possible. I often like to make exercise more like a game or an adventure. There really is never a fixed time that we put aside to exercise. However, I do make it a habit to put on some dancing/workout music and get them do a HITT workout of the day with me. Inspired by the beat of the music, they usually break out into dance moves. Besides that, we also like exploring the nearby forest with our neighbours’ doggies, scooter riding, heading to a big grassy field for some acro actions or finding great climbing trees.

5. How do you instill in your child(ren) the concept of healthy living?
Besides moving dynamically, we believe in encouraging them to make living healthily their responsibility. We do so by opening the kitchen up, allowing and assisting them in choosing and preparing their favourite healthy meals regularly. Even if it’s something that might be quite indulgent for dessert (e.g.. chocolate tart), we provide nourishing alternatives such as spelt flour/honey/coconut sugar to replace processed ingredients such as white flour and sugar.

6. What are some of your favourite healthy snacks?
Sprouted bread with almond butter and bananas. Slice of avocado with sauerkraut and poached egg. A blueberry acai smoothie. Cashew yogurt ice cream with a freshly baked spelt apple pie.

7. Any tips for mothers (or generally anyone out there) who desire to keep fit but have no idea where to begin?
Give yourself no excuses and do anything just to move. You can start by aiming for a 5 min walk and gradually increase it to 10 mins, and then eventually, 30 mins. Get into a habit of doing it at a certain time regularly to make sure that you get your daily workout despite all odds.

8. What advice do you have for mothers who feel that they do not have time to exercise?
Squeeze in exercise whenever possible. Even if you are waiting for the kettle to boil, aim to do 15 squats during that time. What about leg lifts on a chair that tones the abs while waiting for your veggies to steam?

Let your motto regarding daily movement be ”Just do it.”

9. What are some valuable lessons you have learnt through your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle?
Never allow room for excuses.

Exercise is not your God. As much as exercise is a means to achieving a healthy lifestyle, it is important that it does not consume you or gain importance over your family. Put your family only after it.

Do what is possible while aiming for the impossible. Every little effort counts. Never beat yourself up for what you have yet to do but focus on what you can do now.

Love yourself for who you have been called to be. Every single stretch mark and any other “beauty mark” that comes along with motherhood should be loved and appreciated. They are a sign of our love, sacrifice and commitment to the babies we bring forth from the womb. 

10. Where is your favourite spot in Singapore to hang out with your kids?
It has to to be the Zoo for sure! The kids love the space

11. Last but not least, where is your favourite destination to bring your kids for a getaway?
A week long four wheel driving/camping trip around Fraser Island. The kids love the sand, the lakes, cooking and sleeping under the stars. Leading carefree lives while enjoying God’s creation.

Wei’er is definitely one respectable mum! To attain a better idea of her business and support her passion towards producing delicious fermented food for the public, visit her website at

http://gutsyferments.com.au, or drop by her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GutsyFerments?fref=photo.