Let’s get this straight first.

This is a post about how to make green smoothies that will help you eliminate cravings, give you the necessary nourishments and energy to start the day when you have it for breakfast!

I’m not going to start a discussion about juicing vs blending here. That will possibly come in another post.


Green Smoothie 101

(Easy Smoothies for easy mornings)

In a nutshell, what goes into your blender:


Tools needed:

  1. A powerful blender that is at least 900w strong

A powerful machine is needed to crunch up nuts and seeds, as well as greens into a smooth consistency. A normal blender will not be able to do the job.

Economical machines: Nutribullet 900w, Ultimax blender

High end machines: Vitamix, Nuturai, Blentec


  1. Mason Jars

If you want to save time and store smoothies to bring on the go or for later snacks, you needa super air-tight container to reduce as much oxidations as possible. Mason jars are great investments.

You can check out deals for mason jars from Le Bono Collection




  1. Organic green leaves

I recommend organic green leaves because we are having this smoothie raw, so I don’t really like the idea of drinking in loads of pesticides, especially when my kids drink them too.

Besides, you will come to realize that organic green leaves have really different textures and feel from the non-organic ones. They tend to feel less rigid and have more ‘slimy feel’.

Our neighbor who is over 70 years can clearly recognize the stark difference between both types. If she can, you got to trust that they ARE different.


Rotate greens throughout the week. At least 1/3 of the blender should be filled with greens

Types to use:

Baby Spinach, Baby Kale, Romaine lettuce, Baby Bak Choy, Cucumber


  1. A dense fruit

Other than helping to ‘emulsify’ your smoothie and make it nicely creamy and smooth, these fruits also contribute their own beautiful nutritional properties


Use only one type in each recipe and don’t overdose on them.

Types to use:

Banana, Avocado, Mango


  1. A water fruit

Not only does it contibute as a natural flavoured water content, it adds in more nutrition and fibre at the same time. The fibre that comes along with the natural sweetness from fruit along is very important in controlling your blood sugar levels. So throw the whole fruit in.


Fill 1/3 of the blender with this.

You can also prepare the fruits in advance, by cutting them into cubes and freezing them. So your smoothie will turn out like an ice-blended.

Types to use:

Dragonfruit, Water-melon, Honeydew, Passion-fruit, Kiwi


  1. Nuts & Seeds

These give added volume and a nice crunch to the smoothie if you like it. Nuts and seeds also contain zinc, protein and omegas which complements the smoothie.


Throw in a tablespoon of chia seeds of flax seeds to give yourself a boost of clean Omega 3 daily.

Types to use:

Chia seed, Flax Seed, Walnut, Almond, Cashew, (pretty much anything you like)


  1. Greens & protein powder

This is completely optional. You don’t need to have them.

A good greens powder is usually made up of a good mixture of quality greens and algae such as spirulina, chorella, loads of other greens etc …. Just to let your guts be exposed to more varieties of greens and algae!


Personally I add in an additional teaspoon of quality greens powder and a tablespoon of vegan pea protein powder.

Types to use:

Personally I am using PranaOn from Australia, but it is not available in Singapore.

But you can also get Nutrizest from New Zealand, which is available in Singapore.


  1. The water base

How much liquid you add really depends on how you like your smoothie. And there are a few water-bases you can use.


Use a cup of water-base if you are preparing a cup of smoothie

Types to use:

Almond milk, Filtered water, Organic Soy milk, Rice milk


Personal Favourite Recipes


Tropical Delight

(serves 4)

1 ripe Thai Mango

1 ripe Avocado

2 ripe passionfruits

2 handfuls fresh greens

2 cups filtered water

2 tablespoons chia seeds


Soak chia seeds in water for 5 min before adding into blender jug with everything else.

Blend all till smooth.

Pour & Enjoy!

Tropical Delight Smoothie

Pink Flamingo

(serves 4)

½ frozen red dragonfruit ( cubes)

1 ripe banana

1 ripe starfruit

2 handfuls fresh greens

1 tablespoon greens powder

1 cup almond milk

2 tablespoons flax seeds


Put everything into blender jug, frozen cubes nearest to blade.

Blend all till smooth.

Pour & Enjoy!

Pink Flamingo Smoothie