7 Reasons Why You Need to be a Sexy Fit Mummy

Don’t be mistaken, I am not asking you to be the next fitness model or the sexy kitten at the bar.

Sexy Fit Mummies understand the fundamentals of eating right, moving right and thinking right. For the very reasons listed here.

1. You are the most important person

Let’s be honest to each other here. Motherhood is an indispensable role. If you are down and out, who can take over your role in the family? It is easy to get drowned by the duties of motherhood and forget that we are in fact the most important people we have to care for.

Start prioritising your health and put your well-being on the top of the list.

2. Boosts your confidence

You can say I’m being superficial, but there is no hiding that people judge you by your appearance. How you take care of yourself (and your body) says about how much you are in control of every other aspect of your life. If you let your body and health dwindle and fade, your outlook in life and confidence will definitely follow suit.

Now seize control and regain that confident self again!

3. Men like confident women

Unless you are married to a male chauvinist, the modern gentlemen like their women to be confident and independent to a certain extent. I am a believer that all men like to be in the company of sexy fit women who they can proudly name as their partners. You can say that your husband does not bother about your shape and size. But deep down, all men would love to show off a ‘trophy wife’.

Start claiming that space beside your husband and stop hiding behind him.

Couple In Love

4. Adds spark to your marriage

There is no doubt that when you are Sexy Fit, you will definitely add more spark to your marriage. When you are Sexy Fit, you inevitably feel better, have more confidence in yourself and know exactly what you want. And this can definitely enhance your relationship with your husband.

Get the sparks flying along with motherhood!

5. Your kids will adore you!

All children are born to be active. They are naturally inquisitive and have endless energy. And children love it when their mums get actively involved with them! Think about the last time you messed around with your kids outdoors or even joined them for a simple activity.

They only stopped asking you to join them because you rejected them numerous times.

Next time, try saying yes and be the Sexy Fit mummy for them!

Family Playing Soccer In Park Together

6. Score more wins at work

When you are your Sexy Fit self, you will exude a level of confidence that will affect the people around you. You will naturally attract others with the same energy levels and achieve more together when your energies rub off each other.

Be the change maker and change will come to you.

7. Endless Freedom

Everybody seems to be in the race to be financially free. However, financial freedom is worthless if you do not have physical freedom. When you are a Sexy Fit Mummy, you understand this very clearly and prioritise your health and your family’s health over other aspects in life. You are able to strike a healthy balance of activities for your family and not be afraid to explore (not to mention, also save numerous trips to the doctor)

Expose yourself and your family to the potential they can reach without physical limitations.