Shape Magazine – Get Fit Success Story

One of Kareen’s wishes is to share her personal success story with as many mummies as possible and inspire them to kickstart their own mummy fat loss journey. You don’t need to pay big bucks for slimming programmes and pills. You don’t need to run marathons and spend hours at the gym. You don’t need to embark on any diet plans.

In fact, you can get started easily on your own mummy fat loss journey by getting your hands on Kareen’s book, “The 5 Key Habits to Kick Start your Mummy Fat Loss Journey”. The tips recommended in the book are so fundamentally important that you will not want to miss out on the information. Let us know that you want a copy by registering below, and we will send it over to you instantly.

In the mean time, read about Kareen’s story in this February’s issue of SHAPE magazine.

Eat Well and Move Well. Take ownership of your own and your children’s health!

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Shape Feature

(Abstract taken from the Feb 2014 issue of Shape magazine. We thank them for the feature)