Postnatal Exercises for Simply Her magazine


Last month I have been invited by Simply Her magazine to provide tips and advise for readers who are battling the postnatal bulge.

You could get your hands on a copy from any news stand.

There is an increase in postnatal care and exercise programs in the recent period, which is really good news. It shows women are starting to take control of their health and dictate how they want to care for their own bodies. It also shows an increase in the level of interest in caring for postpartum women in the health industry.

No matter what kind of trainer/ philosophy the program subscribes to, if the program deals with women, they better know how to deal with postpartum women! Because any woman who has been through childbirth will inevitably inherit a body that is no longer the same as before.

Postnatal mums need to be given extra attention when designing workout programs for them. Simply because the postpartum body is different from any other bodies. Carrying a baby for 40 weeks involves mum having to experience numerous physiological stresses on areas such as the pelvic floor, lower back, abdominal muscles and joints.

In addition, hormonal changes and emotional stress during the postpartum period indicates that mums cannot follow just any conventional exercise program prescribed for the general population. Putting on a pair of shoes and running like how you used to, probably will not give you the same results anymore. In fact, you might need to find out when it is safe for you to start running again.

Getting started on the crunches/ sit-ups that you are familiar with, might result in more harm than help! It is time to learn how to do things differently, safely and effectively. So that you can still lead the sexy fit motherhood after restoring your core this postpartum period.

So here is a safe workout routine which I shared with the readers of Simply Her magazine. You can also have a proper view of the exercises by getting onto their online platform and watch a video, which we filmed for this purpose!