Why did I start Climbing again?

Happy to work the fingers and arms hard!

Happy to work the fingers at Onsight Climbing Gym

If you had known me personally, you would have known that I am a climber.

I love climbing and climbing is a major part of my life.

Climbing has also brought me to where I am today.

Because it defined me right from when I fell in love with it 10 years back.

As much as it was a part of me, there were periods in my life when it was not my priority. When I first stepped out into society and worked in a corporate environment; when I was pregnant with the twins; and most recently when I started to get busy with growing Mums In Sync.

During these periods, my climbing techniques worsened, my finger endurance became disgusting and I no longer felt like a dancer on the wall.

But climbing never detaches itself away from me completely at any point in time.

Because I can never do that to something that defines me.

And so yesterday, I made it a point to schedule climbing time into today’s “list of things to do”.

When today came, I found myself looking forward to the climbing session with my brother at mid-day from 1-3pm. What started off as a simple plan to clock “wall time” on easy routes, became a slightly ambitious one – making attempts at slightly more challenging routes.

Question is …. Why did I do that?

Why go a distance when I already planned for a mediocre one?

The answer is simple.

Our bodies need to be challenged constantly.

And I have been depriving mine of the opportunity.

For too long, I have been staying with workout routines in the gym, body weight exercises and quick runs. Boredom, comfort zone and muscle adaptation could well be the possible culprits that will sabotage my fitness journey in the long run.

The body needs to be constantly challenged with surprises to avoid stagnation.

What better way than to introduce climbing once again into my workout schedule! Translate the strength built in the gym to actual strength application on the wall!

Thus, to challenge the status quo and work towards a strong, nimble and flexible body, I decided to start climbing once again! This time, a weekly scheduled climb time will ensure that climbing is once again in the priority list. I’m happy to get my arms pumped and fingers sore once again!

Have you worked out your priority list to earn a stronger and healthier body?