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Welcome to Mums In Sync, a framework I have developed based on my own experience as a mum and a certified personal trainer trying to regain my fitness level of before and to get back in shape. Our approach is holistic and will help mums at different stages of motherhood overcome all the hurdles when they think about getting into tip-top shape. We work hard to coach you about the necessary thoughts and physical processes that will ensure success in your transformation journey. The four aspects of the Mums In Sync Framework are Eat Right, Move Right, Think Right, The Right Tribe. Fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!
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Even though we are only 2 weeks into the 6-week program, it has been very helpful to me already. Before this, each time I tried to feel my muscles down below by contracting it, I could not feel anything. The bulging tummy and zero sensation in the core area is not a great feeling. But just 2 weeks into the breathing exercises and gentle techniques that Kareen walked me through, I could feel that I am gaining control again. I know there is a lot more to improve upon, but at least I can feel again! For me it's not really about looking good, but I want to strengthen my core muscles so I can function well and be a great support for my husband as we care for our little one.

Mums In Sync Eishen S.

Eishen S.

I just completed my 6 sessions with Kareen and I managed to pick up lots of exercises and tips that I can manage at home. The videos provided by Kareen are also very useful as they help to refresh the sessions we had! It certainly helps that Kareen is very experienced and understand the issues that new mummies are facing with our post-partum bodies. I would highly recommend to all mummies who are keen to get fit and strong again!

Mums In Sync Shermaine M.

Shermaine M.

Went for the Tummy care workshop and learned how to engage the pelvic floor muscles correctly and how to monitor my progress. Kareen was very patient in explaining and answering all my questions as well as the other mummies in the class. Looking forward to use this newfound knowledge and see improvement. Highly recommend all post partum mummies to attend this class!

Mums In Sync ML Zee

ML Zee

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