Mums In Sync Success Stories

Mums In Sync Eishen S.

Even though we are only 2 weeks into the 6-week program, it has been very helpful to me already. Before this, each time I tried to feel my muscles down below by contracting it, I could not feel anything. The bulging tummy and zero sensation in the core area is not a great feeling. But just 2 weeks into the breathing exercises and gentle techniques that Kareen walked me through, I could feel that I am gaining control again. I know there is a lot more to improve upon, but at least I can feel again! For me it's not really about looking good, but I want to strengthen my core muscles so I can function well and be a great support for my husband as we care for our little one.

Eishen S.

Mums In Sync Shermaine M.

I just completed my 6 sessions with Kareen and I managed to pick up lots of exercises and tips that I can manage at home. The videos provided by Kareen are also very useful as they help to refresh the sessions we had! It certainly helps that Kareen is very experienced and understand the issues that new mummies are facing with our post-partum bodies. I would highly recommend to all mummies who are keen to get fit and strong again!

Shermaine M.

Mums In Sync ML Zee

Went for the Tummy care workshop and learned how to engage the pelvic floor muscles correctly and how to monitor my progress. Kareen was very patient in explaining and answering all my questions as well as the other mummies in the class. Looking forward to use this newfound knowledge and see improvement. Highly recommend all post partum mummies to attend this class!

ML Zee

Mums In Sync Michelle L.

I attended Kareen's 6-Week Body Confidence After Baby (Live Classroom) class last year with two other moms. (18 Sept - 23 Oct 2017) It was a private class and conducted at a place of our convenience.

I found the course content well-planned and relevant in helping me with my core and pelvic floor recovery despite my last pregnancy 3 years ago.

Our first meeting with Kareen (a free trial session) started with her accessing the extent of our abdominal separation. This was important to us because some of having already started exercising prior this session and wanted to see how best we can move forward, and whether the intensity of our workouts was detrimental to our pelvic floor. She then proceeded to teach us how we can strengthen our core from within using proper breathing techniques. 
We also liked how Kareen incorporated various workout routines into this programme (e.g. cardio, weight training, use of resistance band/Ugi fitness ball) that we can use to keep fit and strong. The Ugi ball partner workout sessions were fun, memorable and effective in making us break out a sweat too and utilising our core. There was always ample time for practice as well such that every session constitutes a workout session for us. Kareen’s instructions were also clear and easy to follow. She is also very patient and effective in correcting our moves.

Before I attended this Kareen’s course, I used to think that it was normal for me to feel the urge to pee when I do plyometric moves or cardio like jumping jacks or tuck jumps. But that simply meant I needed to work on strengthening my core and pelvic floor connection. And I am actually very happy that after her course, I noticed that I don’t experience pelvic floor heaviness anymore during my HIIT/Zumba workouts.

The materials in the online programme were useful and contained instructional videos about what Kareen has covered. However, Kareen also made it a point to introduce personalised content based on our fitness level – e.g. incorporating compound movements during our weight training to make workouts more efficient (Since moms are usually time-starved and don’t have large chunks of time to work out) and to “slow things down” during weighted movements to challenge ourselves further. This helped to keep sessions fresh as we also picked up new knowledge and skill sets despite us working out regularly on our own.

During these 6 weeks and after, we were also in a WhatsApp group chat with Kareen where we posted photos of what we ate and discuss nutrition-related matters and shared what we did throughout the week to stay active. In a way, we were one another’s accountability partners.

We also received a copy of her book which documented her inspiring postpartum wellness journey and how it isn’t just about shedding the pounds but to become a fitter and stronger, active mom who takes care of herself. 
Moms who are keen to embark on a postnatal healing programme should most certainly start your journey with Kareen 😊

Michelle L.

Mums In Sync Wendy C.

I have completed the 6-week program. Key learnings: breathing, exercises that will get you back in shape (you need to continue exercising after the 6 weeks).

My biggest takeaway: exercise and food come hand-in-hand.

Wendy C.

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