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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - Personal Training and Postnatal Fitness in Singapore

    Personal Training and Postnatal Fitness in Singapore

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    We proudly serve the Singapore area! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Personal Training, Postnatal Fitness, Online Fitness and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Instagram ....

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  • What is Gestational Diabetes?

    Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is defined as the onset signs of glucose intolerance during pregnancy. It is one of the most common pregnancy complications with research showing that women with hypertension, who are overweight and those with higher level of abdominal fat are at a higher risk of developing GDM (Barakat et al, 2012; Padayachee et al, 2015). Although the diabetes goes away after giving birth in most women, the potential complications of untreated GDM during pregnancy can affect both the baby and the mother in the short and long term. Acute short termhyperglycaemia may lead to hypertension and preeclampsia in the mother and the ....

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  • Slimming Wraps Don't Work! Here's the Biggest Reason Why

    Slimming Belts, Slimming Wraps … whatever people like to call them. Have you tried using them before? Personally I have experienced with them twice.
    Because of the wedding
    The first was when I was a gullible girl and signed up for a package with Marie France Bodyline back when I was 27 years old, thinking it will help me to be the most beautiful bride by shaving off some waistline (oh and thunder-thigh-line)! That was my first encounter with experiencing slimming wraps. They claimed that it’s a special cold wrap that will help burn off some inches. Well, any sales talk work when they use the right words ya? Turns out, after spending 4 digits, I didn’t see a ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - Going Bananas with Tennis!

    Going Bananas with Tennis!

    Last year a guy from Banana Tennis reached out to me, asking if I am interested to learn tennis, in exchange for a review on the lessons. (Yes this is an honest review haha) Tennis?!!! The last time I played tennis was when I was still teaching. And boy was I bad in tennis! The tennis racquet is heavier than a badminton racquet. The tennis court is huge. The net is far and it’s challenging to get the ball across it! – Assuming I hit it in the first place. I had THAT much love for tennis. So I kindly rejected his request and said I can’t afford to invest time in tennis. But this persistent coach, Joel, reached out again half a year later to offer his coaching ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - 5 Key Things you need to know about Diastasis

    5 Key Things you need to know about Diastasis

    Most women don’t even know what this condition is. Those who know may not even understand fully what it entails. Yes not even the trainers. Diastasis recti abdominis is simply a phenomenon where your abdominal muscles separate due to certain pressures. In our cases, when we are pregnant, our tummy has to relax and give way to the growth of baby . It’s a very natural phenomenon and has to happen to allow for a smooth pregnancy. Imagine what will happen if your abdominals refuse to give way and baby has no space to grow into! The issue comes after pregnancy. Can our tummies heal the separation naturally? By all accounts, we should be able to heal the gap naturally after ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - 5 good reasons why staying active is important during pregnancy

    5 good reasons why staying active is important during pregnancy

    I get many requests and questions on why I do not run exercise classes for pregnant women. Am I not a supporter of exercise during pregnancy? No … on the contrary, I am a huge proponent of encouraging mummies to keep active during pregnancy. Really, pregnancy is not a disease. You can technically still engage in most of the same activities as when you were not pregnant. So yes
    to staying active while pregnant! The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends 30 minutes a day for pregnant women, for as long as they are physically able. That being said, I personally will not encourage pregnant mummies to start thinking they can be a hero this period and start ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - 5 steps to losing 5kg of mummy fats in 4 months

    5 steps to losing 5kg of mummy fats in 4 months

    As a twin mummy who had lost at least 10kg in a span of 4 months, a certified personal trainer with 2 global fitness organisations and a women’s fitness specialist, there are many aspects of fat loss to consider when it comes to achieving fat loss after a baby, especially while starting on a busy motherhood. But I can safely say that, these are the 5 important steps that can be put in place first to start off right! 1.
    Muscles are built in the kitchen
    It is a phrase well-known by bodybuilders, but not necessarily by many of us. And it is ever so true! You can spend many hours on the weights machines in the gym, but the muscles won’t thrive, and the fats won’t ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - Crown Bakery - Part I

    Crown Bakery - Part I

    In the last 2 years, we have seen many new bakeries and lifestyle cafes popping up on our little island, selling their fresh bakes and pastries! Eating bread has indeed become a lifestyle. Most of us have bread and toast for breakfast, tea and many times along with sandwiches that make up our meals. Although I discourage my clients from eating most of the overly processed white breads out there, I know it can be hard to avoid completely because of easily accessible bakeries are everywhere in Singapore! Right now I am sitting at the newly opened Crown Bakery , at Crown Plaza, along Bukit Timah Road. I’m soaking in the environment to write this feature article because I find their ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - Crown Bakery - Part II

    Crown Bakery - Part II

    Most people would ask: ‘What’s the big deal about their bakes? It’s just bread!’ Well …. It’s not just bread.
    How do conventional bakeries bake?

    It’s no hidden knowledge how easily bread can be made. Otherwise we won’t have so many bakeries popping up in the past few years. Most bakeries use dry yeast and are able to churn out a fresh batch of bread every 2-3 hours. Furthermore, most bread shops use one type of dough to make many different types of bread. Eg. The same dough can be used to make pork floss bun, cheese bun, sausage buns, chocolate bread etc …. Not very exciting knowledge, I know.
    The beauty of natural ....

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  • Personal Training in Singapore - Mums In Sync - Have your Bread and Eat it!

    Have your Bread and Eat it!

    Bread is definitely one of the foods that is getting more at prominent in Singapore! Just take a look at the number of bakeries and cafes with endless choices of bakes and pastries. No doubt, the booming cafe and coffee culture also contributes to the sale of breads, bakes and pastries! Yet, just how does bread fit in when you are on a sexy fit journey, trying to lose that excess weight by eating real clean. I spoke to teacher, Tan Kai Chin, who has recently found a new love in baking. Now, my friend Kai Chin is not your normal home baker, who bakes for the love of showing the most fluffy cakes and colourful fondant layered cakes. I would say he doesn’t really care about pretty ....

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