Crown Bakery - Part II

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Most people would ask: ‘What’s the big deal about their bakes? It’s just bread!’

Well …. It’s not just bread.


How do conventional bakeries bake?

It’s no hidden knowledge how easily bread can be made. Otherwise we won’t have so many bakeries popping up in the past few years. Most bakeries use dry yeast and are able to churn out a fresh batch of bread every 2-3 hours. Furthermore, most bread shops use one type of dough to make many different types of bread. Eg. The same dough can be used to make pork floss bun, cheese bun, sausage buns, chocolate bread etc ….

Not very exciting knowledge, I know.


The beauty of natural fermentation in bread making

Crown Bakery uses a long, natural fermentation process of up to 18 hours. They create their own natural leaven by fermenting fruits like strawberries, wine and even beer! They nurture and grow 5 different types of natural leavens in their kitchen. Not only do these leavens help in making the doughs rise, they also add extra goodness to the breads which you won’t find in conventional bakes. The natural fermentation process creates natural probiotics and good bacteria, which supports our gut health!

As such, Crown uses natural leaven and is able to produce only one batch daily for some breads. Talk about “limited supply, while stocks last”. This is exactly how it is. If they are sold out by early afternoon, they can’t bake any more because the next batch of dough is not ready for baking.

As Head Baker, Kevin, puts it, “You will feel our bread is alive when you eat it. You will feel our heart and soul every bite you take. That is how we choose to feed you.”

Koji & Tokachi Red Bean Anpan & Green Bean Anpan @ $1.80 each

Koji & Tokachi Red Bean Anpan & Green Bean Anpan @ $1.80 each

What you do everyday adds up

They are strong believers that baking powder, processed dry yeast and unnecessary sugars are bad for health. These little things add up and create havoc in our bodies over time when we consume bread everyday. As such, the founders and creators are very particular about what should not go into their bakes!

Even at times when they do use yeast, they only use the tinniest portions for the purpose of kickstarting the proofing process. The majority of work is still done by the natural ferments added, to get the dough to reach its required consistency.

As an example, Crown uses only 0.2g of dry yeast for every 1000g of flour in their baking (if the particular dough does require dry yeast as a kickstarter). Conventional bakeries use a typical ratio of 10-20g of dry yeast for every 1000g of flour. It’s a stark difference!


Customer Confidence

Kevin guarantees that the breads at Crown Bakery may not be the most expensive but are definitely the most delicious. That said, in order to ensure continued high quality and maintain a reasonable profit margin, they are not able to offer discounts on their breads.

As an entrepreneur, I can fully appreciate understand how tight their margins must be to be able to offer such fresh, quality bakes for their customers. As the saying goes, ‘Save on convenience and pay with your health’.

There is certainly an increased awareness and a rise in savvy consumers who are concerned with both quality and price. As such, Crown hopes to ignite the public’s passion for healthy foods and welcome everyone to experience the sincerity in their breads. You may discover that, far from being just a breakfast food, bread can offer a whole new perspective to mindful eating.

16 Layer Wholemeal Croissant @ $3.40

16 Layer Wholemeal Croissant @ $3.40 each

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Crown Bakery is located at:

557 Bukit Timah Road
Crown Centre, #01-03 (Near Coronation Plaza)
Singapore 269694

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