Crown Bakery - Part I

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In the last 2 years, we have seen many new bakeries and lifestyle cafes popping up on our little island, selling their fresh bakes and pastries!

Eating bread has indeed become a lifestyle. Most of us have bread and toast for breakfast, tea and many times along with sandwiches that make up our meals. Although I discourage my clients from eating most of the overly processed white breads out there, I know it can be hard to avoid completely because of easily accessible bakeries are everywhere in Singapore!

Right now I am sitting at the newly opened Crown Bakery, at Crown Plaza, along Bukit Timah Road. I’m soaking in the environment to write this feature article because I find their story worthy of spreading!

One of my mummy clients was raving to me about Crown Bakery and how she brings her son over for brunch every Sunday. “I love that they do not use any preservatives and baking powder!” was her main justification.

Crown Front

Really? Which bakery doesn’t use baking powder?

Time to go find out.

Turns out, what started out as skepticism turned into respect, awe and excitement for a new business! I had the privilege of sitting down with the Head Chef, Kevin, and Manager, Raymond, to find out what this new business venture is about. More importantly, why someone would want to start a business that does not seem to make smart economical sense and risk a retail space that may make losses for many months to come.

No, I am not paid to write this feature. I am not a paid blogger nor an ambassador. I do not usually initiate such interviews. But when I see a story worth sharing, every part of me says I need to share this story with other Singaporeans who will appreciate this story and make informed decisions about eating better for their health. I love showing appreciation from purely a consumer’s standpoint and getting educated about the food I am eating, as a paying consumer.

Besides, I love bread! I love freshly baked wholesome bakes – especially with my freshly churned Nuts About Butter!

with kevin Crown

What does Crown Bakery do?

Crown Bakery prides itself on creating delicious wholesome bread with no artificial flavouring, colouring, preservatives, harmful additives, and chemical improvers. Their bread is crafted and baked fresh daily on-site at their kitchen. By the way, there is only one kitchen at their café. They do not bake at a huge central kitchen.

In this fast-paced society we live in, where all emphasis is on fast and efficient production, there is a deep-seated preoccupation with saving time and labour. People seem to have forgotten the most original tastes of food. And Crown Bakery is out to reawaken and reconnect with Singaporeans with these original tastes, and allow us to enjoy healthy and tasty bread without the unnecessary ingredients.


The art of traditional bread making

When we see the word traditional, we tend to associate it with laborious work, time consuming work and inefficient outcomes. But we are almost quite certain the good old way of doing things will seldom compromise on quality, integrity and trust. Especially when it comes to food.


With Japanese Master Chef Mr Katsuei Shiga as their top consultant, Crown Bakery undertakes his stringent discipline in quality bread making practices and baking with the heart.

As explained by Shiga, there are three fundamental principles in bread-making. The small amounts of yeast, a long fermentation period and high water content. He believes that bread is originally a product of mixing wheat flour, yeast, water and salt. If the recipe includes other ingredients like butter, eggs or milk, the product should be called “sweet bread” or “fruit bread”. Hence, he feels that bread-making should follow the three fundamental principles as closely as possible, and bakers should try to create their distinctive styles within this context.

In the next blog post, Part II, we will explore how Crown Bakery is different from the conventional bakeries and why they embrace fermentation as part of their soulful baking process.

Crown bakery is located at:

557 Bukit Timah Road
Crown Centre, #01-03 (Near Coronation Plaza)
Singapore 269694

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