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Bread is definitely one of the foods that is getting more at prominent in Singapore! Just take a look at the number of bakeries and cafes with endless choices of bakes and pastries. No doubt, the booming cafe and coffee culture also contributes to the sale of breads, bakes and pastries!

Yet, just how does bread fit in when you are on a sexy fit journey, trying to lose that excess weight by eating real clean. I spoke to teacher, Tan Kai Chin, who has recently found a new love in baking.

Now, my friend Kai Chin is not your normal home baker, who bakes for the love of showing the most fluffy cakes and colourful fondant layered cakes. I would say he doesn’t really care about pretty Instagram photos (though I am definitely getting him to work on this), following ‘baking trends’ or fuss over colourful art work.

If he is baking bread, it is because he wants to be enjoying a loaf that is free of preservatives and additives.

Now before I share Kai Chin’s recipe, I would like to first introduce him as a PE teacher who loves to play sports, cook and build a community of home cooks.

I first got to know KC from a movement certification workshop called Movnat 3 years ago. Imagine this guy about my height, packed full of lean muscles, teaches kettle bell outside class and dabbles in all sorts of strength training routines. Turns out he was a craftsman doing stringed instrument repairs and design for a music company. So he is a musician as well. Then he went on to teaching kids how to move & play, which in itself is a skilled trade.



He can surely cook to eat well, but that’s not enough for him.

He had to dabble in baking. In his own words, “Cooking is an art, Baking is a craft!”

So yes! I love learning about kitchen skills and craft from fit people! For a good reason too – because most of the advise has already been curated to support our goals as they value health & longevity like we do!

And here is Mr Craftsman’s message to all you mummies out there:

“Dear Mummies,

We are bombarded daily with contradictory health advice and of late bread has gotten a bad reputation from the gluten free crowd. My experience had always been that commercial loaves would give me digestive problems but not artisanal bread like baguettes and sourdoughs made in the traditional slow fermented methods.

The impetus to bake bread really came from reading “Bread Matters” by Andrew Whitley and here is an article:


I realised that my digestion wasn’t affected by gluten, but by the nasty additives that had been added to commercial bread. Home baking isn’t too difficult once you get past the initial learning curve. While I would not recommend someone to stuff themselves with 4 slices of bread for breakfast, bread can be part of a healthful diet. With some planning, you can have fresh bread daily and your family will thank you for it. “

Kai Chin shared a simple recipe on how to make soft rolls from scratch that your kids will love. I tried the recipe and the kids love the buns!

Tips: I used King Arthur unbleached All Purpose Flour and replaced the milk powder with same amount of flour (because we do not have milk powder at home)

Click here for his recipe and find out how you can make soft buns that your kids will like!

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